!!Turbo Time!! guide for participants

**Please read this guide before you take part and remind yourself of the contents of this guide before each session**

!!Turbo Time!! is an online static bike group workout session usually lasting about one hour.

Fitness to participate 

This is a physically demanding session (albeit performed within your own personal limits). Please understand you are participating at your own risk and so you need to satisfy yourself that you are fit enough to take part. You should to avoid this session if you have, or suspect you may have any current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains that could affect your participation. 

If in doubt, always speak to your coach before the session begins!

Participant’s details

You will need to fill out a participant’s form before taking part which can be completed here. Please let your coach know if you are new to !!Turbo Time!!

Class size 

The session is limited to 16 participants. Please sign up to the Facebook event invitation; otherwise, you may not be able to participate if the class exceeds 16 people. 

What do I need to join?

The session is designed for people with different bikes set ups so do not worry if you do not have a smart trainer.

You will need:

  • A static bike (e.g. a turbo trainer, or fixed bike)
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Electronic device for connecting to Zoom (such as a mobile phone)
  • Comfortable clothing for cycling
  • Fan (optional but recommended to ensure you do not overheat)
  • A heart rate monitor (optional)
  • A power meter (optional)
  • Zwift (optional – if you want to join the session in Zwift please contact the coach well in advance of the session so you can be added to the meet-up)

Session Checklist

As you are joining remotely, the coach may not be able to see you and will not be able to assess your training setup. You are responsible for your checking your setup and the safety of your training environment. Before you start, please ensure you check the following:

  • You are feeling fit and well. If there is anything that might prevent you from participating, speak to the coach before the session.
  • You are sufficiently hydrated and have access to water.
  • Your bike and turbo are in good working condition.
  • Your bike setup is stable and on a suitable non-slip floor.
  • The are no objects around you during training that might cause you injury.

What if I do not feel well or need to leave a session early?

If you have any difficulties, stop immediately and inform the coach. Always inform the coach before leaving a session. 

Session recording

Please note that sessions may be recorded in case any incidents arise during the session. The recordings will not be shown to anyone save for the purposes of resolving any complaints or litigation (whether commenced or contemplated). If you have any issues with the session being recorded, please inform the coach before the session. 

Any questions, contact us at [email protected]