London Frontrunners: an inclusive running club for LGBT+ and gay-friendly people who love running.

Welcome to London Frontrunners, the UK’s largest LGBT+ running club.

London Frontrunners is an all-inclusive club, welcoming anyone who identifies as LGBTQA*, their friends and even people who just love running and are happy to look beyond labels. Our members range from recreational joggers to competitive road racers and marathon runners. Regardless of your level of fitness, your pace or your preferred distance you will find members to run and train with.

Want to give it a try?  Why not come along to one of our three weekly runs and find out what being part of running club can do for you.

Interested in joining? See our membership page for further information.

* we don’t mind where on (or off) the Kinsey Scale you fall,  whether you can or can’t identify with one of the letters of LGBTTQQIIAA, are friends with a member or just like the parks we run around.  You’re welcome to come for a run with us.

Four weekly runs and one track session

The Club runs regularly, with evening runs every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and a morning run on Saturdays. We also have track sessions on Tuesday. Come rain or shine there’ll always be someone there to welcome and run with you.


Joining a running club doesn’t mean you have to race but if you’re up for them then we have them!  There’s usually someone running in a race near London in a club vest, and The Club takes part in everything from 1 mile relays up to marathons.

Coaching & Training

The Club has a number of fully qualified trainers who are about on Wednesdays to assist runners develop their fitness, performance and to enjoy their running. This maybe via coached sessions, providing up to date information on training techniques, mental preparation, nutrition, strength conditioning or injury prevention.


In additional to generally going out for dinner and a drink after our regular runs, our social secretaries also organise regular social events, picnics, quizzes, sports days, and so on.

Domestic & International Trips

Although we’re a London club, we do get about: there’s an annual international trip and several around the UK the Club goes to.  Plus we’re part of the International Frontrunners so if you’re visiting another city, take your vest and trainers along as there may be another Frontrunner club there.