The Committee

The Club Committee is a group of volunteers who are elected by the club members to plan and manage the day-to-day activties of the club, including weekly runs and socials. Elections are held at the AGM every March and any member of the Club can put themselves forward for any of the positions. Please find further details about the AGM here.

This document provides details of the Committee Members’ roles and responsibilities and information on the Committee’s working methods, decision-making, responsibility and accountability here.


London Frontrunners co-president

Andrew (he/him)

Ashley Harwood Co President

Ashley (he/him)

Club Secretary

Christos Club Secretary

Christos (he/him)

Membership Secretary

Geoff Hicks Membership secretary

Geoff (he/him)

Race Secretaries

Denis Gorman race secretary

Denis (he/him)

Francis O'Callaghan race secretary

Francis (he/him)

Social Secretaries

Eva Kucich Social Secretary

Eva (she/her)

Charlie Abrines social secretary

Charlie (he/him)

Publicity and Communication Officers

Garath Fletcher publicity and communications officer

Gareth (he/him)

Stephen (he/him)


Roger Kennedy treasurer

Roger (he/him)

Christos (he/him), Stephen (he/him) and Roger (he/him) are our LFR Welfare Officers. They are there to make sure the club is safe, inclusive and pressure-free and are your first point of contact if you have any welfare issues or concerns which need to be raised or reported. They can be contacted at the following address: [email protected]