Your first LFR run

At London Frontrunners we strongly encourage and welcome new runners to the Club and we’ll do everything we can to make your first run with us a great experience! If you’re thinking of coming along to London Frontrunners for the first time, please read through this page to find out how we support new members on their first run, after that have a look through our different runs and decide which one you’d like to come to.

All of our runs (except the Victoria Park one where we are trying to secure a venue) are based at a local leisure centre. We have access to changing rooms, showers and lockers or (at the Seymour Centre) a secure bag drop room for no cost. This means you can get changed for the run and changed back afterwards before joining us for our post-run social.

Each one of our runs has a leader and an assistant; they’re experienced and trusted club volunteers and are here to look after you on your first run (or first run on that route). They will ask you if you want to run with them and we would encourage you to take them up on their offer. Many new runners often assume they can follow other runners, that they know the route, or that they are being a burden by asking someone to run with them, but we’d rather make sure you’re first run with us is a fun and positive experience!

It’s a good idea to think beforehand about the pace that you’d be comfortable running and the distance. The leader will ask you what you think you are comfortable with and plan accordingly, but if you find that you are not comfortable with the distance or pace let them know and they will adjust the plan.  If you’re a more experienced runner, we may suggest a similarly paced runner for you to run with.

Our runs are not structured, that is, we don’t run in formal groups of similar paced runners like some other clubs. This allows everyone the freedom to run their own distance and pace, though many people do run in pairs or small groups with people of similar ability. The purpose of our post-run socials is so that everyone then gets a proper chance to talk to their fellow runners.

Please do get in touch with us to let us know that you want to come on your first run via [email protected], and please get in touch afterwards and let us know how you got on, we’d appreciate the feedback.


How are you managing Covid-19 restrictions?

London Frontrunners place paramount importance on the physical condition, mental health and emotional well-being of our members, and of the wider LGBT+ and running community, and in consequence, have a responsible approach to all matters relative to the pandemic. We have in place a robust Covid-19 Policy and will always adhere to any current England Athletics and British Triathlon Federation health and safety guidance.

I want to run with the Club for the first time. Do I have to come along on a particular day?

You’re welcome to come along for your first run with the Club on any of our weekly runs. Whilst our track sessions tend to attract more experienced runners, our Wednesday training sessions are led by England Athletics qualified coaches, are more flexible and open to varying abilities.

Our Wednesday training sessions and Regent’s Park runs tend to be popular amongst the women of the club, although you will find a friendly and welcoming environment at any run you turn up to.

I’m not very fast. Is this a problem?

Not at all! Our Club is made up of runners of all different abilities. The run leader will ensure that you are paired up with someone who will look after you and will run at whatever pace you are comfortable with.  If you find you’re struggling or uncomfortable let the person you are buddied with know – they can slow down or even stop for a rest.

If you want to build up your running ability before or in conjunction with trying us out we suggest following the NHS Couch to 5k programme Exercise – NHS ( which has been recommended by people who have done it.

How far is the run?

The runs all involve routes that can be adapted very easily (even during the run) for different distances.  Our members usually run routes between 5km and 14km.  Before you come along, please give some consideration as to what pace and distance you think you can manage.  If you are unsure, that’s not a problem, your buddy may suggest following the standard route but this can be adapted mid-run if you feel uncomfortable.

If you want to build up your running ability before or in conjunction with trying us out we suggest following the NHS Couch to 5k programme Exercise – NHS ( which has been recommended by people who have done it.

We operate a separate Saturday long run which is guided.  This is normally 10-15 miles (16-23km) at a moderate pace.  We would only recommend that you sign up to this if you know you are able to run that distance as the routes cannot be cut easily.  We also have a monthly trail run in the countryside outside London, usually on a Sunday.  Please get in touch if you are interested in these.

How much does it cost?

Your first month with the Club is absolutely free. After that, we invite you to become a member of the Club.  Our annual subscriptions are shown on our “Join” page.

Our membership benefits include England Athletics affiliation which entitles you to discounted race entries, and we have a number of club places at the London Marathon.

Do I have to join the Club first?

You can run with the Club for up to a month before making a decision as to whether you want to join the Club or not. Please do contact us via [email protected] a few days beforehand so we are aware you intend to run with us.

Do I need any special kit?

For a first run we would suggest wearing clothing that you are comfortable in, especially footwear.  In cold weather wear layers to keep you warm but that you can take off if you get hot on the run.  In hot weather you should think about bringing some water.  For running in the dark please wear bright colours and / or something designed to make you visible such as a fluorescent bib or lights.

What happens after the run?

After our runs, we go for dinner (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) or brunch (on Saturdays) together as a group. This isn’t compulsory but we highly encourage it as a way to get to know other Club members. Let the leader know whether you intend on joining us and they can ensure someone shows you the way there.

I have a health condition or disability – can I still come?

We endeavour to welcome all where we can.  Running works well as a sport for people with certain conditions and disabilities, however we may not be able to manage others – if you get in touch and let us know of any concerns we can try and advise.

If you know you can run but are concerned about something happening during the run and want to make sure someone is aware of a potential condition, we can let the run leader know.  The leaders are experienced and trusted Club members.

Accessibility information on each of our leisure centres can be found on their websites:

The Castle Centre
Mile End Park Leisure Centre and Stadium
Kentish Town Sports Centre
The Seymour Centre
Battersea Park Millennium Arena

I have a question that isn’t answered here

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] and ask away!

We’d love to hear about your first experience with London Frontrunners. You can
let us know by filling out our new runner’s feedback form. All feedback, both positive and negative, is valuable to us.