Socialise with us

A social running club? Or a social club that runs...?

Although the London Frontrunners is a running club, we do do other things and to this aim we have very excitable social secretaries who love seeing their fellow runners enjoying themselves.

Socialising with your fellow runners isn’t compulsory but we highly recommend it, as not only is socialising fun but it enmeshes you into the club further. And spending time discussing how good or bad a recent run was with someone who’s experienced something similar makes it all the sweeter.

Highlights in the diary are the club Summer and Christmas parties, but the club normally meets up formally every other month for drinkers, quizzes, picnics, and so on, depending on the weather.

Although quite a lot of our social events usually involve alcohol, that’s not always the case, and at most events there’s usually at least one other runner who’s training for something so isn’t drinking.

Details of socials are usually sent out via email well in advance and are also put into the club calendar and posted on Facebook. So keep an eye out for things and come along.

Build your social group

Socialising with your fellow members is a great way to make new friends.  We have members from all walks of life so you never know who you’ll meet.

It's more than just drinking

Drinking does make up a large part of our social activities.  But not all: we also go to the cinema, the fireworks, plays, sports days, and so on.

It's not just London

We get around.  We travel to other parts of the UK, and also within Europe.  And as part of the International Frontrunners, you’ll usually find a club if you visit another city.

It's all about the people

We keep hearing about how it’s our members that make the club so great, and make people want to socialise with everyone and keeps them coming back rain or shine.

Detailed below are some of the regular events we get up to every year.  This list isn’t by any means exhaustive, and there are plenty of other things going on throughout the year.  A lot are organised by the club, but there also a large number of parties that our members organise for each other.  That everyone gets on so well is a constant source of pride for us.

For more events, please see our club calendar.

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Post-run socials

An important part of the club’s social life are the post-run meals and drinks.  After each of the weekly runs, club members are invited to spend some time with one another over food, and usually, drinks.

Details are provided on the run pages,  and runners are reminded at the circle of what the post-run plans are.  So don’t plan on rushing off home after the run!

Note: On Mondays and Saturdays, the club has organised a discounted menu, so be sure to order from it!

Club Socials

There’s usually some sort of social activity going on each month.  Normally this takes the tried and tested form of ‘meet us in [this pub] at [this time]’.  It seems to work, so why change it.

That said, we do do other things, like go to the fireworks, boat parties, cinema trips, etc.



Women's socials

It’s nice to have a girl’s night on the town once in a while (or every month!).  The women’s socials are free of men and full of women-only-fun.

Summer Party

Although it can’t be relied on, the UK is a lovely place to be when the sun is shining.  And London is a great place to take advantage of the good weather, especially when surrounded by fellow running club friends.

To celebrate the summer, we throw a summer party.  This has in the past been a picnic in a park, a BBQ in a beer garden and even a day of rounders in the sun.



Christmas Party

Our Christmas party is a spectacular event, with runners celebrating the festive season with wine, jovial awards and plenty of food.  A sell out event every year, with plenty of fun and happy memories.

London Marathon Party

Every year in April, tens of thousands of runners take to the streets of London for the London Marathon.  The Club usually has a strong turn-out of runners for the event, so the evening after the marathon we throw them a party to celebrate their success and give out some prizes of our own.



London Pride

We march with pride every year in the London Pride March.  We don our running kit, and do sprints along to entertain the crowds whilst we enjoy the atmosphere.  Afterwards we have a little party and get into the spirit of things.

Domestic Trips

Although we love London, and there’s certainly a lot to do, the club also likes to get out and out in the UK.  As part of the domestic trips we do for runs outside of London, we normally get out as a group and see what fun we can get up to in other parts of the country.



International Trips

Everyone likes a holiday, especially if it’s somewhere sunny.  And our members are no different…  When we jet off to do a run in another part of the world, the club doesn’t stop socialising.  In fact they usually up their game, trying out local food (and wine) and maybe even visiting a spa or two.