Club Championship

The Club Championship is an annual competition open to all members. Members earn points by running in a Club vest in core and non-core races over the Club Year.

The core races are designated and include various distances, locations and terrains. Participants earn participation and position points – the fastest runner will get 500 points, the second fastest will get 499 points, and so on.

Non-core races are any race which is timed by UK Athletics and is 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon. Participants at non-core races only earn position points. All race results for the four distances will be consolidated into a single results table. Club members will be ranked and score points from 500 downwards.

Club members can qualify for the Club Championship by running just one race. There is no maximum number of non-core races that club members can take part in, they can only submit one time for each distance, so we encourage them to submit their fastest times.

Various prizes are awarded to first-claim Club members, including one each for the overall male and female Club Champion. Second claim club members will be fully included in the results table and they will have an overall ranking in the final positions, provided they are wearing an LFR vest.

Send your non-core race results to the Race Secretaries at [email protected] by the end of February. You can opt to have your results recorded anonymously if you wish.