Frontrunners get festive at the Christmas party

To round off 2021 with a Christmassy bang, London Frontrunners came together for a night of dinner, drinks and dancing. Club social secretaries Daniel and Charlie tell us why it was such a special occasion.

London Frontrunners Christmas party

How did it feel to come together at this year’s Christmas party?

Charlie: The club doesn’t get the opportunity to come together in a formal setting often, and given the turmoil we’ve all experienced since March 2020, it felt extremely special that we could all sit down and enjoy a meal and some dancing together. 

Both Daniel and I were overwhelmed with the number of members who joined us for the dinner and post-dinner drinks, highlighting the importance of this event to the members.

What was your highlight of the night?  

Daniel: Having everyone in the same room after so long was the biggest highlight for me. 

After all the ups and downs of Covid, I wasn’t even sure a Christmas party would happen. But I’m so glad we got everyone together. 

What did members think about the party? 

Charlie: I’ve had lots of positive feedback from members, and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. 

One member even told me it was the best party he has ever been to! 

I think everyone was really happy for an opportunity to come together.

Why are social events important to London Frontrunners?

Charlie: London Frontrunners hold a plethora of socials, from post-run pub dinners and beer garden socials to trips abroad. 

The Christmas party is the one time in the year where members get the opportunity to deck themselves in their most glamorous outfits, enjoy a tasty three-course meal and dance their way into the festive period. 

The party also enables members to meet others who they might not have had the chance to see before and serves as a great place to continue the socialising the club is renowned for. 

What’s your favourite Christmas party memory?

Daniel: I’ll be humble and won’t say anything from one of the parties I’ve organised. 

I think it would have to be the 2017 party, where we had the Night of a Thousand Madonnas. Seeing members dragged up as different Madonnas was both impressive and hysterical.

Any social events coming up? 

Charlie: We’ve got a pub quiz in February. And we’ll be planning a couple more socials before the club AGM in March. Watch this space.